Sunday Snapshot: Snow White

January 10th

I’ve decided to start doing something that a friend of mine does with her blog. Every Sunday she posts one of her favorite pictures of the week. I’m going to try to do Project 365 again this year so I should have no problem finding one photo to post.

This week’s was a easy choice. We have all been so sick this week. It was so nice to see such clean snow falling today. Hopefully it will also provide us an extra day of rest tomorrow too. This picture is easily my favorite from the week.

It was nice to forget how bad we felt for a few minutes and step out to smile in the snow!

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One Response to “Sunday Snapshot: Snow White”

  1. ARC Says:

    hey, good to see you blogging again! the picture-collage video is lovely, and the picture on this post is lovely, too.

    keep at it! (when you can)

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